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canada looks really broken


u ok canada

We are slowly trying to distance ourselves from the US…piece by piece.

be free


Canada: “sorry eh” 

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In honor of Robin Williams. The supernatural fandom will miss you Robin.


In honor of Robin Williams. The supernatural fandom will miss you Robin.

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"Mommy, I’m sorry,
I didn’t want to cut.
She made me do this,
She brougt me pain.
She’s not imaginery,
She’s not in my head.
Mommy, please don’t call me insane…"
Lola Luche (via doomsdayrebels)
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Show: Supernatural (The End, 5x04)
Location: Riverview Hospital, Vancouver, BC, Canada (Google Map)

Riverview Hospital is an abandoned mental health facility and a filming location for dozens of TV productions. Since the folks of Supernatural seem to use it for filming frequently, we got extremely curious and simply had to plan a visit. In the end, we ended up going back three times during our week’s stay in Vancouver.

The whole hospital area is a beautiful, amazing hillside park with old trees, roads and paths, but the run-down hospital buildings with their endless dark, empty windows are something else. More than once we got spooked by a reflection or an old curtain stirring in the wind in a broken window.

We’ll be posting more photos and stories from Riverview soon, but until then, we hope you enjoy these dear shots from one of our favourite Supernatural episodes ever!

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